Corporate Structured Finance

Commercial Paper & Certificate of Deposit

SPA Treasury Desk carries competitive niche having presence in both primary as well as secondary placement of CD’s and CP’s. The marketing dynamism across client spectrum in commercial paper/ certificate of deposit has placed the company consecutively from 2005-2006 amongst prominently ranked top 5 leading market intermediaries. In this short span the team has placed over INR 80 Bln through CD’s & CP’s. (Source: PRIME Database)

Short Term Non-Convertible Debentures

The deliverability and structure of debt is usually key to meeting that long term growth objectives. Our experience and market presence gives us intimate knowledge of the appropriate financing options. SPA has been instrumental in being one of the leading market forces in the field of short term debt placement.

The depth and gravity in short term debt placement can be gauged by the PRIME ranking SPA has been holding i.e. at number 2 position for consecutively last four financial year i.e. 2004-2005, 2005-2006, 2006-2007 & 2007-2008 and having mobilised over INR 250 Bln. (Source: PRIME database)

Debt Restructuring & Financial Engineering

Our wide range of advisory services in this domain includes:

  • Advising corporations, institutions and sovereign entities on the structure of new debt issues and the refinancing of existing obligations
  • Advising on debt market opportunities and conditions
  • Providing advice and structuring of acquisition finance for different types of corporate transactions including mergers and acquisitions and leveraged buyouts
  • Providing advice on refinancing of acquisitions to replace short-term finance with more efficient long-term approaches from the banking or capital markets
  • Creating and supporting the implementation of tax-efficient financing, including both domestic and cross-border leasing transactions
  • Providing advice on refinancing of asset-based businesses and the design and financing of novel service offerings in vendor financing.

In giving you objective advice, we seek to:
Support your decision making with clear analysis of available options and approaches, Provide market experience in relation to the key debt markets, products and counterparties — introducing you whenever needed to key players in the debt capital markets

  • Create a competitive environment
  • Arm you for negotiations with bankers and investors
  • Advise you throughout the transaction process — from initial strategy through to implementation.
  • Help you analyze your options, address the impact of alternative funding routes on your business and objectives
  • Work with your existing advisory team, providing a specialist perspective on funding related issues.
  • Share our knowledge of the range of potential financiers, their appetite and their attitude to credit, pricing and structure.

Our professionals’ advice is supported by a true understanding of the issues and challenges faced our clients, connectivity with the financial markets, deep sector knowledge and a skilled negotiation prowess.

Leveraged Buyouts (LBO) & Management Buyouts (MBO)

Leveraged Buyouts also referred to as LBO, refer to the acquisition of a business using mostly debt and a small amount of equity. The debt is secured by the assets of the business. In an LBO, the acquiring company uses its own assets as collateral for the loan in hopes future cash flows will cover the loan payments.

Management Buyouts also referred to as MBO, refer to a situation when the managers and/or executives of a company purchase a controlling interest in the business from existing shareholders. In most cases, the management will buy out all the outstanding shareholders because it feels it has the expertise to grow the business better if it controls the ownership. Quite often, management will team up with an investment bank such as SPA, as this is a complicated process that requires significant business financing.

SPA provides expert financial advisory services to clients considering a leveraged buyout, management buyout, or reorganization. SPA’s priority is to optimize transaction structure and coalesce around our clients’ strategic objectives and operational goals.