Why SPA?

  1. Experience & Clientele: SPA prides itself on its professional experience and expertise in the field of corporate valuations. We have done more than 2000 valuations across industries. Our clientele consist of domestic and multinational companies including various Fortune 500 companies.
  2. Team: Quality valuations are performed by experienced, capable appraisers. The team consists of Chartered Accountants, CFAs, Company Secretaries and ICAI Certified Valuation experts.
  3. Quality output: As a result of clear understanding of applicable laws and passion to excel and deliver, our valuation passes two tests. First, it reaches an accurate value conclusion. Second, it clearly and convincingly establishes how the conclusion was reached. Our valuation can be successfully defended and supported under critical scrutiny.
  4. Touch of advisory: We understand that, clients require more than just the report. We are more than willing to provide advisory and support before and after the rendering of services.