Range and Services

As a financial consulting firm, our major specialty is valuing businesses. We are providing valuation services to various corporate and have done more than 2000 valuations across industries. Our clientele consist of domestic and multinational companies including various Fortune 500 companies. The Team consists of very senior professional from Industry, Chartered Accountants, CFAs, and Company Secretaries.

We prepare independent, unbiased business and professional practice valuations for a variety of reasons including acquisition, investment, disposal, buyout, merger, restructuring, accounting, statutory / legal etc. The valuation services we provide broadly cover the following:

Business Valuation

  • Acquisition, Domestic and International
  • Assessment of Merger Swap Ratio
  • Valuation of business segments/divisions for spin off/restructuring
  • Fairness Opinion
  • Share Purchase/Investment/Fund Raising
  • Good will Impairment testing (US GAAP/IFRS/Indian GAAP)
  • Investment Impairment testing for accounting purposes
  • Fair valuation for statutory/regulatory purposes
  • Asset valuation for purchase price allocation for accounting for business combinations (US GAAP/IFRS)

Intangible Asset valuation

  • Brand valuation
  • Intellectual property valuation

ESOP valuation

  • Employee Stock Options Valuation
  • Equity Shares/Common Stock for FBT/Perquisites Purposes
  • Stock Options through Black Scholes and Binomial or Lattice technique

Portfolio Valuations