Debt Restructuring & Financial Engineering

SPA has been instrumental in restructuring high cost debt for various organizations through take out financing mechanism or debt swap structures. Some of the key assignments executed by team SPA are:

  • Advisors to KIOCL for Business Restructuring plan.
  • Restructuring of high cost R.I.D.F loan totalling INR 20 Bln by takeout financing and asset transfer to APWRDC & APSRDC syndicated loan for Government of A.P.
  • Swapping of INR 2 Bln high cost loan for ITI Ltd.
  • Restructuring of high cost state guaranteed bonds amounting to INR 2 Bln for MPSEB.
  • Restructuring of high cost state guaranteed bond amounting to INR 0.64 Bln for RSRDC.
  • Host of leveraged debt transactions by securitizing future receivables for state entities and private corporates.